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2016 UP-SYSU Summer Internship Program for Pharmacy Undergraduates Has Successfully Completed

Author:spsSYSU updated :2016-08-29

The summer internship program for undergraduate students in pharmaceutical scienceshas been held between School of Pharmacy, University of Pittsburghand School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Sun Yat-sen University for three years. The program was continued in March of this year, and the committee of the program started to select the candidates. Five outstanding undergraduates from School of Pharmaceutical Sciences in SYSU, including Mr.Zechen Wang, Mr. Zhangyi Luo, Mr. Kaixing Zeng, Ms. Qiuying Liao and Ms. Conghui Liu, have been offered the opportunity to join the program.On July 1st, these five students, with their two mentors Prof. Huichang Bi and Dr. Zhuoming Li, departed for Pittsburgh to start awonderful month-long summer internship.


During their staying in UP, the students participated in a series of splendid activities, such as experimental skills training, research practice, and academic seminars. Under the supervision of Prof. XiangqunXie, Prof. Song Li, Prof. Paul Johnston, Prof. Samuel Poloyac and Prof. Xiaochao Ma, the students were able to take part in scientific projects in the fields of Medicinal Chemistry, pharmaceutics, pharmacology, biochemistry, etc. In the end of the internship, the students presented their data and project progress to students and faculties ofSchool of Pharmacy in UP. Their outstanding performance impressed all the audiences.


TheUP-SYSU summer internship program offers an exceptional opportunity for the undergraduates to experience the oversea study life. Moreover, the program provides a good platform for the selection of outstanding undergraduate students to the University of Pittsburgh to pursue a master or doctoral degree. The successful completion of the program this year has laid a good foundation for the program in 2017, promoted the collaborations between UP and SYSU, and enhances the international influence of our university.


Group photo taken after the WelcomemeetingPhoto taken with Prof. Randall B. Smith,the Associate Dean of School of Pharmacy, University of PittsburghPhoto taken with professors from the Center for Pharmacogenetics, University of Pittsburgh in the Welcome Picnic