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Graduate students are required to take a number of compulsory and elective courses, join journal clubs, gain faculty-directed research experience, participate in research projects, and accomplish final theses or dissertations. The students may select to specialize in clinical or basic research by choosing medicinal chemistry, biochemical pharmacology, pharmaceutics or clinical pharmaceutical science as their research areas. The PhD students are required to earn a minimum of 72 credits of courses, and the MS degree students are required to earn a minimum of 30 credits of courses. All courses are completed during the first two years of training.

Currently, there are 22 Doctorial Supervisors and 103 Master Supervisors. The school has 7 PhD degree programs and 8 MS degree programs. There are 445 postgraduates including 119 doctor degree candidates and 326 master degree candidates. 158 postgraduates have accomplished their training since 2008, and been employed in enterprises and research institutes.

The school pays great attention on the training principle, and a well-established system and regulations have already been set up. In addition to a scientific and advanced postgraduate curriculum system, the teaching quality is strictly guaranteed. To eliminate those disqualified dissertations, double-blind-review system has been applied.

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