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The School builds on its rich tradition of excellence in education to prepare pharmacists of the future. Students are required to take a number of compulsory and elective courses, join journal clubs, gain faculty-directed research experience, participate in research projects, and accomplish final theses or dissertations.

The school holds educational principles focusing on divergent and convergent thinking, knowledge integrity and innovation, which are fully embodied in teaching program, curriculum system, as well as training plan. To ensure the goals of elite education, the number of undergraduate students recruited is confined to 120 per year. Presently, there are near 500 undergraduate students in the school. All the students will accept systematical training in fundamental knowledge of pharmaceutical sciences during early years, and subsequently are allowed to choose their own specialties according to interests. In addition, the students are provided with various optional modules and are encouraged to carry out extracurricular scientific researches.

Based on the rich resources in humanities and social sciences of Sun Yat–sen University, the school integrates the strengths of chemistry, biology and medicine to establish a unique curriculum system combining all fields related to pharmaceutical sciences. This system consists of five main knowledge modules including basic concepts, chemical principles, biological theories, medical information, and pharmaceutical applications. These modules connect to each other closely, and form an integrated platform, which can facilitate the learning process. Furthermore, the professional orientations for senior students are pharmacology, medicinal chemistry and pharmaceutics. Case study, bilingual or English teaching have been adopted in all courses. And the school pays great attention to improve teaching skills and evaluation criterions, with an emphasis on students’ overall quality and research capability.

A series of measures regarding tuition management have been performed to guarantee the high quality of undergraduate education, such as class visiting, collective lesson preparation, and tutorial system. These measures have long been a common practice in the school and are beneficial to both teachers and students, highlighting the student-centered concept of the school.

The school offers the undergraduate major in pharmaceutical sciences, which was approved as Characteristic Specialty of Guangdong Province in 2010. Among all the courses of the school, organic chemistry is honored as National Quality Course (co-constructed with School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering), and pharmaceutical chemistry is one of the Quality Courses of Sun Yat–sen University.

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